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More than just NREMT test prep, MedicTests is an online adaptive tutoring system that senses what you know
and what you need to learn. Then, it pushes content and questions your way based on the topics you need. Join
us today. We make National Registry test prep easier and less stressful!

  • Created by medics for medics

    All content is created by experienced medics to not only help you pass the test, but also to ensure you become highly skilled at emergency medicine.

  • 4,000+ never-before-seen questions with 100 new questions added monthly!

    Our 2024 update has an additional 4,000+ never-before-seen questions with 100 new questions added each month!

  • Challenge yourself with the full National Registry Simulator™

    Practice the skills you learn and your time management with our adaptive test simulation that uses the same standards as the real National Registry test.

  • 705 units of reference content

    We cut the "chapters" into digestible chunks that are organized into 80+ topics!

  • Personalized Learning at
    Your Fingertips

    Experience our one-of-a-kind, adaptive learning technology that tailors a 24/7 self-paced library to your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Meet Mack, Your Personal
    AI Medic Tutor

    Introducing Mack, our AI Medic Tutor, that engages in interactive conversations, providing accurate answers from MedicTests' vast library, helping clients learn EMS/EMT subjects in a personalized way, available for free via our web app.

100% Pass Guarantee!

We guarantee that if you use our system faithfully, you will pass this test and achieve this goal. If, for any reason, you do not pass the NREMT (or even your state) exam, just send us a screenshot of your results. We'll refund up to 90 days of your membership!

Join thousands of satisfied students who used
MedicTests to pass the exam on the first try

I passed NREMT on the first try!

I highly recommend MedicTests!. It helped me pass the NREMT paramedic exam. I took and passed the exam years ago when it was on paper. I studied hard with MedicTests for about two months and took the exams over and over. I passed the NREMT paramedic exam on the first try. I’m going to continue using MedicTests.

Patrick Enfield
Exactly what I needed!

I followed the plan and went through the study sections and did the unit test and did several National Registry simulation test. it was easy to use and when I did go take my National Registry, the questions were very similar. I felt very prepared, and passed on my first try! Thank you!

Crystal Hodge
No more test anxiety

Just passed the NREMT-P (my 4th attempt) after using MedicTests! My first 3 attempts I used other websites, etc. Obviously they didn't work.

Kayti Stepan
Highly recommended!

Passed my NREMT-P on the first go around when i was 20. Only paid for a month of the subscription and it definately helped get rid of the anxiety and put me in the mind set of national registry. I highly recommend to any student preparing to test! Remember you get out what you put into it!

Crystal Hodge
Thanks Medictests!

Used this website for my EMT-B and Paramedic-both passed on the first try. Awesome tool to use!! the 2 great things about it, being able to focus on an individual section you're weak at, and also the NR simulator. That simulator allowed me to practice my time management skills while feeling the pressure. Don't get me wrong, you still have to do your part and pay attention in class and read the books. but this website helps tie it all together. Thanks MedicTests!!!

Waleed Amos
Great Resource!

I used MedicTests to study while preparing for my EMT basic and Paramedic exams.. I passed both exams on the first try, at the minimum amount of questions. Medic Tests gives you a great idea of your strengths and weaknesses, so you know where to focus your studies. Upon answering correctly or incorrectly, you are also given an explanation. Great resource.

Caitlyn Borne
It worked wonders for me!

I just passed my NREMT-P and used medic test for practice !! It worked wonders and I passed on my first go around !! Thanks MedicTests I have told everyone I know about this site and will highly recommend to anyone prepping for the registry

Myasha Richards
Recommending it to many others!

Your website is awesome! I became a member and took the national registry simulator many times along with your test and I have to say it helped me tremendously you guys guarantee members to pass the registry the first try and I did! Thank you very much, your website is great and I will be recommending it to many others !

Austin DeWees
This is the place!

Took my NREMT exam last night (5/15/14) passed it !! If anyone is taking the test and looking for a study guide and test bank this is the place ! I saw at least 10 exact questions from the test on this site ! DO IT !

Kevin Lynch
Thanks guys!

I used this site religiously for 3 months prior to my test and happy to say I passed my NREMT-P first try. Would highly recommend for all! Thanks guys!

Chris Horne
Awesome study materials!

Passed my NREMT-A exam yesterday due to the help of your website. Awesome study materials and test prep exams. I only studied for about a month with your materials and I passed my exam.

Latoya Stewart
Your website is great!

I recently took my national registry and like everyone I was very nervous. You website along with reading certain chapters in my book was the only study tools I used. Your online test stimulator is a great way to prepare. I highly recommend this site to everyone looking to pass their national. Thank you

Ruben Ferrell

The Smartest EMS Education
Software on EARTH

Our exclusive training platform tracks what and how much you know, then it customizes your learning experience through a rewarding system.

  • Let our built-in study path determine what to learn or choose your own journey.
  • Choose the content you want to learn whenever you want.
  • Take open-books tests at any time to assess your skills on specific topics.
  • Challenge yourself with the full National Registry Simulator™. It works and scores as if you are taking a real NREMT exam.

New for 2024! MASSIVE Content Update + AI Medic Tutor
For the Same Low Price!

Thanks to support from the community, we're proud to announce that we were able to add more than 4,000 new, bloom-verified questions that we added in the 2024 release. We also organized 80+ new EMS topics into over 600 digestible units, ALL at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Plus, we've added a huge Critical Care/Flight Paramedic Update! 600+ Initial Questions and 50+ new units in PLAIN ENGLISH! Switch between provider levels anytime to test it out!

Discover a game-changing approach to medical education with Mack, our AI Medic Tutor. Engage in real conversations, delve into knowledge depths, and reinforce learning through practical examples. Break barriers like fear of failure, time constraints, and expensive tutors. Get the free upgrade via our web app to excel on your medical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In addition to our excellent web application, we also have highly-rated apps available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store!

  1. Strengthen Skills: Our system sets your provider level as the goal and uses your current knowledge to give you a quick 25-question test. At the end of each question, you will be able to get feedback on your choice.
  2. Work on Weaknesses: Stay well-rounded with a quick 25-question test from trouble units. If you are getting lots of questions about pediatric airway medications incorrect, the system will add that unit to your suggested review units and begin sending more of those questions to your “weaknesses” category.
  3. Create a Custom Test where you can choose which categories to include and the number of questions in the exam. In addition, you can create focus units where you can choose any or all of the 700 available units and create tests ONLY from YOUR selected content.
  4. Class Tracks - Your school or EMS institution has the ability to set units/topics and test material and lock/unlock material week by week or all at once.
  5. National Registry Simulator™ - Our adaptive simulator places the student in a simulated testing environment and is especially useful for building test endurance. Most students are not used to answering over 100 scenario-based consecutively for 2 hours! The National Registry Simulator is a timed exam that issues between 70 and 130 questions based on student performance. Like the NREMT, our simulator will keep asking questions in a given category until it has enough information to assess whether the competency level in that category is adequate. Scoring is then reported in a similar matter as the NREMT exam: you must pass all categories to pass the exam and feedback is given on a per-category basis. Each student's examination is drawn from a test bank of thousands of questions. Each new question is selected based on how the individual student answered the previous question.

All of our tests provide comprehensive feedback including detailed explanations that include the relevant pearls of wisdom that the student is able to see over and over and over. Some students never even go to the online library and just improve solely on experience with the questions and the detailed educational feedback that reinforces the fundamental principles involved. We also include trends and performance history in the dashboard stats. If the student is missing a lot of questions about ACLS algorithms or medical math, the National Registry Simulator and dashboard suggestions will let them know. We’re adding more ways to identify and bolster any weaknesses in the student’s knowledge.

Yes, you can change your subscription at any time.

We recommend at least 90 days prior to testing. With our bite-sized learning opportunities delivered at spaced intervals, you learn from your successes and failures at a much faster rate. 90 days of regular use (3x weekly for 15min/day) resulted in passing scores more than 94% of the time. We help you pass the test by helping you LEARN the material. Thousands of questions in hundreds of units help keep you sharp and ready!

Yes, from your user settings, you can choose to change your track at any time. We support EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, and Critical Care levels. The system will still take into account your prior knowledge as it applies to the changed provider level. Many students who used the site to graduate EMT use us again for Paramedic school. They can keep the same account, and the system will use all of the info it learned about you from EMT school to guide your paramedic path. They can also choose to purge their data and start fresh!

We have discounted memberships for schools and EMS services! Start Here!

We exist to help you help people become excellent at emergency medicine. Very occasionally, students do not pass the first time. In most cases, the student only was able to interact with the software a few times. Even so, just send proof of a failed test and we can extend your membership to give you more time or refund up to the last 90 days of your membership. No stress, no problem.